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Sue BumpAfter 35 years of marriage, 5 kids and 13 grandkids, Sue was just crazy enough to want to become a standup comic. Setting aside a 20 plus year career as a Realtor to pursue her dreams was a big step in her life.  Letting the world know that older people have aches, pains and a wild sex life was just the beginning.

Often using her kids as examples have driven several of them to change their names and a couple are now in witness protection. Never bashing her sweetie but always relating with a chuckle, you will learn her recipe for a successful marriage. 

Observing the world as only an older woman can, Sue often tries to solve world problems. "MTV needs to have a Real World show for older adults.  I would love 6 months in a free home with free food and getting to hook up with my roommate. Oh, but then that would be a nursing home."

Sue is as animated as Lucy and lives the life of Roseanne. She is guaranteed to give you a laugh to take home with you that you can share with your family, your minister or your therapist.

Sue has been doing shows at colleges, senior citizens homes and clubs all over the US and Canada, opening for Diane Ford, Mary Ellen Hooper, Mike Veneman, Dom Irrera, Faye Woodruff, Carl Labove and a ton of top comics.

Recently Sue was selected to be on "The View" as a contestant in the hilarious Housewife Contest. "Oh sure, I am a wife and we own a house, but Housewife? Oh, Hell NO!" So, sit back and relax and laugh with the least downloaded woman on the Internet.

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